• Video of Song “Deja Que…”


Classical (Contemporary) Music

  • “El Mar”. Music for Guitar composed for painting “El Mar” by ElSur El Sur. Sampled sounds.


  • “Funeral March” from Suite for Javi: Duo for Flute and Tuba premiered on May 21, 2013, at “Foro de Música Nueva Manuel Enriquez”. Performers: Mary-Elizabeth Thompson and Jeffrey Jacob Meyer. Sampled sounds. News in El Universal and Program Notes FIMNME 2013.


  • “Un Poeta y su Viejo Poema”: Solo for Basson. Premiered on January 24, 2015, in Mexico City. Performer: Juan Carlos Villaseñor Patiño. Live recording.


Pop Music

  • “Deja Que”: Recorded by Ricardo Canto (Vocal) and Rodrigo Martínez (Piano). Lyrics by Laura Alvarado and ElSur El Sur. Music by ElSur El Sur.